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To visually represent Santa Barbara Architecture

Iconic Santa Barbara Architecture

Whatever the materials the Santa Barbara architectural style is unmistakable. Maintenance of that unique look does however require the help of professionals. Whether it is roof tiling or stucco turn to professionals to ensure that the authenticity and longevity of a Santa Barbara-style home are maintained.

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To visually represent Santa Barbara Style Homes

Santa Barbara Style Homes

Santa Barbara sets a high standard when it comes to landscaping and that is where you are going to want to start as a client. If you are trying to up your game and go with something personalized then it is time to take a peek at what Space has to offer.

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To Visually Represent Santa Barbara Landscape Architects

Santa Barbara Landscape Architects

With the best Santa Barbara landscape architects, it all comes down to personalization. Landscape architecture demands attention to detail and the ability to work around a client’s vision. If this doesn’t happen, the results aren’t going to be as required and there will be major holes in the outcome.
This is why more and more local clients are trending towards using this company and its team of qualified architects.

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To visually represent Looking for a good resource for Interior Design in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Interior Design

Santa Barbara interior design projects require attention to detail, top-grade materials, and a creative eye. This is where Space is known for going the extra mile and working hard with local clients to deliver on their expectations.

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To visually represent santa barbara county planning

Santa Barbara County Planning Department

Looking to build a house in Santa Barbara?
There are a couple of things you must do before you break ground on your site. First is the zoning submittal process. Then after you have you submit a building permit. These pages will guide you through the process.

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To visually represent To visually represent santa barbara county planning

Santa Barbara Building Permits

When building a house in Santa Barbara, it’s important to have a plan in mind. This is the only way to feel confident in how the house is going to look once everything is said and done.

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To visually represent Interior Designers In Los Angeles by Space Renderings

Interior Designers In Los Angeles

Our firm combines the latest technology with a keen eye for details and sensitivity to environmental issues – all of which add up to more creative space solutions. Building a name of its own as one of the best interior designers in the Los Angeles area.

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To visually represent interior architecture vs. interior design

Interior Architecture vs Interior Design

The interior architect is responsible for designing, planning, and overseeing the construction of a building’s interior layout. This can include everything from the space plan to specifying furnishings and fixtures according to functional requirements such as fire safety codes. The interior designer may work closely with an architect or in many cases, directly under the direction of an architectural firm on a larger project.  In a building project, the interior architect has to conduct a great balancing act between the design aspects of beauty and practicality (function as well as environmental design). 

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To visually represent Santa Barbara Architects by Space Renderings

Santa Barbara Architects

At Space, we enjoy working with all stages and aspects of residential architecture. We provide support for a full range of architectural services, including planning, design development, interior design, construction documents, bidding, project management, and construction administration services on projects of all types.

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