General Contracting

Living in Santa Barbara, it can be hard to know who to call for the job. There is a sea of different contractors for every aspect of the design and building process of your home. At SPACE we cover it all. We have been building for 18 years and are the best at what we do and knowledgeable about modern efficient design and architecture.

We Build For You

Licensed general contractors are often the first contact for any construction related issue. They have knowledge of all aspects from leading-edge technology to safety regulations, but what makes us truly unique is our work ethic and commitment to ensuring your project goes smoothly at every stage – this includes being proactive in handling potential liability or injury lawsuits if necessary.


Whether it’s foundation work, framing, electrical, flooring, plumbing, heating and air,  landscaping, or roofing, we put together the dream team of subcontractors to do the job specific to your home plans and design.


Our contractors are masters in their field, having worked in their areas of specialty for years. We use the same renderings, designers, and contractors throughout the whole process of your build to make sure each area is working in sync with the rest.


Construction can be a dangerous process, consisting of many different levels of regulations to ensure all workers are held to the highest safety standards and current regulations. We only work with contractors who are up to date and licensed to complete the job with honest and transparent professionalism.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or build from the ground up, our integrated design + permitting process will help you with navigating Santa Barbara building codes and create a custom plan that works best for the lifestyle of each family member.

Building a unique, modern space doesn’t have to be difficult. Our decade of experience in designing both residential and commercial properties throughout Santa Barbara has led us to develop an efficient process that simplifies the home building and renovation processes for our clients.

Our team of skilled architects offer customized services for modern + minimalist homes. We have a variety of styles in our portfolio, ranging from mid-century to craftsman and more.

ADU regulations in Santa Barbara are constantly changing. ADUs have been a topic of conversation for Space, who has had dozens of conversations with the department within the past few years to understand what can be permitted.

Transform your current home into a modern marvel that elevates the lifestyle in which you’re leading.

Sometimes there are major benefits to starting your dream home with an existing foundation, and we’ve created images of homes that look brand new when they were actually renovations.

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