Iconic Santa Barbara Architecture

Santa Barbara Architecture

Between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean there lies what many people would regard as paradise, Santa Barbara, California. It has been the scene of many a Hollywood production worthy of the Silver Screen and also the setting for many TV spectaculars. It is immediately recognizable in part due to the unique architecture that defines the area. A visual feast of Spanish-inspired architecture defines Santa Barbara – red tile roofs and interiors with Mediterranean tones that incorporate white walls and exposed wood are the design highlights that define the classic architecture of this region only an hour from the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles.

Types of architecture found in Santa Barbara

The Spanish-inspired interiors and exteriors of the classic Santa Barbara homer are by no means the only op[tions that are available to home buyers in the region. Of course, the classic homes will always be in demand, however, there are other options, including ultra modern secure golf estates and apartments that overlook the wonderful vistas of the Ocean, but it is those red tile roofs and Spanish inspired architecture that continues to dominate the popular imagination of the masses of people who flock to the Sunshine State during times when many other more frigid states are exposing many to sub-zero temperatures.

Spanish Style

The Spanish-style homes that can be found in Santa Barbara are particularly well suited to a climate the sees an average of 237 sunny days per year – Florida has earned its kudos as the Sunshine State. The use of materials that mimic those used in traditional Spanish buildings, such as Adobe or mud-brick exteriors might today have been superseded by more modern building materials the ethos’s of the architecture remains the same. Both exteriors and the exposed wooden beams that are part and parcel of the interior of many of the classic homes provide a cool environment and that wonderful style that makes the architecture of Santa Barbara such a hallmark of its unique style.

Tile roofs

Those red-tile roofs that one sees in Santa Barbara are not just the result of Spanish revivalist architecture – they are actually regulated by law. The city of Santa Barbar has a set of color guidelines that provide homeowners with pointers on how to maintain that famous historic Spanish-revival Santa Barabara look. The red clay roof tiles are a signature feature of the Santa Barbara Spanish-style home. They are an architectural feature that marks the area as unique.

Stucco Walls

However, it is not only the roofs of the homes in Santa Barbara that make them unique – it is also those stucco walls. Those white or creamy walls are also a feature that defines the architectural style of Santa Barbara. Trasiotianlly stucco incorporated lime – however modern methods of construction may use different types of aggregates to achieve the same visual effect. The aesthetic effect is much the same – a Mediterranean-inspired finish.

Whatever the materials the Santa Barbara architectural style is unmistakable. Maintenance of that unique look does however require the help of professionals. Whether it is roof tiling or stucco turn to professionals to ensure that the authenticity and longevity of a Santa Barbara-style home are maintained.

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