Interior Architecture vs Interior Design

What is the difference between interior architecture vs. interior design?

What does an interior designer do?

– interior designers create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical for their clients.

– interior designs may not be as noticeable to the public eye, but they can have an immense impact on a person’s wellbeing if done correctly.

What does an interior architect do?

– interior architects plan, design and oversee the construction of interior spaces.

– interior architecture is more visible to the public eye than interior design because it takes place in buildings that are usually open for business.

What distinguishes one from the other?

– interior designers mainly work with upholstery, color schemes, lighting, and furniture placement while interior architects work with interior space planning, construction, and interior finishes.

– interior design is more focused on aesthetics while interior architecture deals more with the functional aspects of a building’s layout like structural integrity and social needs.

What are some examples?

– an interior designer might be hired to do remodeling in someone’s home to make it look more modern while interior architects might be hired to do a renovation in an office building.

– interior designers are more likely to work with residential clients than interior architects who usually have a commercial business, but both may design for any number of spaces that make up our built environment from homes and offices to hospitals and museums.

The interior architect is responsible for designing, planning, and overseeing the construction of a building’s interior layout. This can include everything from the space plan to specifying furnishings and fixtures according to functional requirements such as fire safety codes. The interior designer may work closely with an architect or in many cases, directly under the direction of an architectural firm on a larger project.  In a building project, the interior architect has to conduct a great balancing act between the design aspects of beauty and practicality (function as well as environmental design). 

The interior architect creates the design for a building’s inside. This can include the space plan and specifying different items like furniture and fixtures to meet certain requirements, such as fire safety codes. The interior designer usually works closely with an architect or under the direction of an architectural firm on a larger project. In a building project, the interior architect has to balance beauty with practicality in their work.

Interior designers research trends that are popular within society before designing spaces incorporating those ideas into their own creative concepts. They also need knowledge about materials including fabric types and finishes; paint colors; flooring options; window coverings among many other things needed for successful completion of any given design job assignment.

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