Penthouse Layout

What is a Penthouse Layout?

First thing we need to cover is, what constitutes as a penthouse?

A Penthouse is usually on the top floor of a building. It is commonly used for many different applications.  Given the prestige and higher price point these units command, developers and owners often outfit these homes with fabulous finishes further making them the most coveted units in a building. Penthouse units can be used as additional living space for an extended family or to accommodate a growing family. Penthouse living and larger floor plans are often the desire of those who want more room with a prestigious address in the best neighborhoods. Penthouses also appeal to investors as they provide generous rental income opportunities given their desirable locations.

Like most things, there is no rule of thumb to designing the perfect Penthouse.

There are, however, a few things to consider when creating your Penthouse layout:

1. Step-Down Living Rooms with Fireplace and/or Bar

A step-down living room will provide an elegant first impression for your guests as they enter your Penthouse home. Since Penthouse units are often a luxurious respite from the demands of work, you’ll want to enjoy as much time as possible in your Penthouse. A step-down living room provides a place for entertaining guests while also adding more perceived square footage to your Penthouse’s main floor area. Step-down rooms with fireplaces and/or bars can also serve as a cozy place for you and your guests to unwind, especially during the colder months. Given that Penthouse units are more spacious than other home types, it is important to utilize this space in creative ways. By utilizing your Penthouse’s higher floor area in a unique way such as with step-down living rooms, you will maximize your Penthouse’s potential.

2. Enjoy the outdoors and views with a Penthouse Terrace or Balcony

Penthouses often have amazing city views, which is why it is imperative to enjoy your beautiful surroundings by adding outdoor entertaining areas such as balconies and terraces to your Penthouse layout. Adding an exterior space like this will give your Penthouse that added wow factor. Your Penthouse’s terrace or balcony can also serve as another space for casual entertaining given that Penthouse living often includes large gatherings, such as when you are hosting a holiday dinner.

3. Centralize the Master Bedroom & Master Bathroom on Uppermost Floor

One of the biggest challenges with Penthouse layouts is the master bedroom and bath. Penthouse units are often located on the top floor of a building making it difficult to place the primary living area as well as your bedroom on one floor. Although Penthouse units have more square footage, they are also built on higher floors than other home types in order to take advantage of their amazing city views.  With Penthouse layouts, it is important to place your master bedroom as close to the top of the Penthouse floor plan as possible. By placing a stairway at or near your Penthouse’s center and bedrooms, you will ensure that both your bedroom and Penthouse’s living area are on one level.

4. Maximize Panoramic views with large windows and Glass Walls Penthouse units often have amazing views of the city. Given their high floor positions, Penthouse layouts must ensure that there is a minimal obstruction between your Penthouse living space and the outdoors. Large glass windows or walls are a great way to maximize your Penthouse’s panoramic views without compromising indoor-outdoor flow. Penthouse units can feature large windows along the Penthouse’s perimeter as well as an array of skylights to illuminate your Penthouse living area. Given that Penthouses are often located in high-rises, it is important that you take advantage of your Penthouse unit’s panoramic views by adding large windows and clear glass walls.

5. Penthouse Layout Ideas

While Penthouse layouts are often unique and customized to each individual, here are a few Penthouse floor plans that you may want to consider:

o Penthouse Floor Plan #1:

The first Penthouse layout idea is for a traditional Penthouse with the master bedroom at the top of the Penthouse. This Penthouse floor plan features a Penthouse living space with the master bedroom placed on top. This Penthouse layout is perfect for families who want their Penthouse living area and master bedroom to be on one level. The Penthouse layout in this example also has a spacious master bath and dressing room as well as an additional guest room.

o Penthouse Floor Plan #2:

The Penthouse layout in this example features a Penthouse master suite on the Penthouse’s top floor with an adjoining great room. The Penthouse living area is accessible via both a stairway and elevator. This Penthouse layout has two guest bedrooms, each with its own Penthouse bathroom.

o Penthouse Floor Plan #3: Penthouse Layout with Penthouse Terrace

The Penthouse layout in this example features a Penthouse dining area that seats ten and accesses the Penthouse’s terrace. This Penthouse layout also has two guest bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms as well as a master bedroom located at the top of the Penthouse floor plan. The Penthouse layout in this example also features Penthouse elevator access.

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