Santa Barbara County Planning Department

Looking to build a house in Santa Barbara? 

There are a couple of things you must do before you break ground on your site. First is the zoning submittal process. Then after you have you submit a building permit. These pages will guide you through the process.

#1. Plan Your Site:

The first step in your building project is to get the Santa Barbara county building official to sign off on your site plan and foundation sump (drawings that detail where a sump pump will be installed). SBC requires that you submit your house plans to the Santa Barbara county planning department for review and a case number (see procedure below). The building official will not sign off on sump pump plans to build or repair your house until he gets the signed approval from Santa Barbara county. You should plan on this taking about two weeks.

The sump pump must: be listed and approved for California; have an automatic float shut off valve or a sump level switch (installed with a sump pump); located at least 1 foot above the floor of the lowest basement/crawl space area it serves; located so that sump pump discharge line meets local codes; sump pump must be in accordance with the National Electrical Code and have a ground fault circuit interrupter; sump pump must meet installation requirements of the California building code.

SBC case numbers are issued by telephone to county staff at 805-568-2200

#2 Submit your zoning plan.

Call the Santa barbara county planning office for the zoning submittal phone number at 805-568-2200.

Notify the county of your plans to build on a new site and locate sump pump by submitting a Santa Barbara county Land Use application. The fee is $70 and can be paid by check or money order with Santa Barbara Land Use Application form. Should be submitted to: Santa Barbara County Planning and Development Department, 911 Cota Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101 ATTN: Zoning Division (Please note Santa Barbara county no longer accepts credit cards for fees)

#3 submit a building permit application

Building permits are required after you have submitted your zoning plan and received a Santa Barbara county superintendent engineer and can be obtained from their office located at 911 Cota Street in Santa Barbara CA 93101.

#4 Let Space handle the dirty work. 

You read that correctly. We have built our business by providing an all in one service at one low price. This includes things like dealing with submitting permits to Santa Barbara County. Talking to engineers and checking with the specific codes and zoning laws within the city and county. If this is something that you are interested in, by all means, give us a call or email us anytime. 

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